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Hailing from Istanbul, Discouraged Ones (the brainchild of Gur Ozsahinoglu) set out with a purpose – to bring years of experience in clubland as both promoter and DJ into the studio and into his productions.

Conditional is the latest label to reap the benefits of this decision as one of Funkfield’s founding members dishes up three tracks of deep and funky House grooves, collectively creating the Spirit of Tech Funk.

‘Bounce 2 This’ started life as a vocal track but as the EP evolved and took on a clear path, the vocals were stripped out to allow the grinding saws and deep grooves to jump out of the track and the result is a quality piece of peak slot music.

Next up is ‘Burnt Pudding’, with a real funky House groove to it, the mellow Rhodes, pulsating saw bass and ‘spot on’ percussion combine with stabs from keyboards and guitars to drive you into the night and on ‘til morning….

The final part of the journey is picked up by ‘Deep Funkin’ Music’ , with a slightly quicker tempo than the other tracks, this grabs hold of a groove and runs with it, ensuring that you’ll want to get your head down and dance whenever this is played.

We hope that you’ll enjoy these tracks as much as we have, we’re looking forward to your feedback and hope to see this EP reviewed to the max, charted high by everyone and in the playlists of DJ’s everywhere!



The long awaited release of our fourth EP see's Rob Pearson and Kate Smith come together as The Inhabitants for this two track release, 'When It Comes'.

The EP consists of an Original and Club mix and both have been touted by DJ's, clubbers and industry stalwarts as perfect summer grooves. These will no doubt be heard throughout the year as the clubbing calendar moves to warmer climates and the people flock to the sunshine in their droves.

The drum work on each track is the main difference between them, the Club mix being much tougher and made for the night than the Original, destined to be played around beaches and pool bars of the med and beyond, or the gardens and BBQ's of the UK! As the melodic and hypnotic synth, accompanied by the rolling bassline takes you further into the groove and makes you move whether you wanted to or not, we are sure that you'll be nodding your head or losing it every time you press play on your mp3 player or whenever you walk into a club with this pumping through the speakers.

Another quality conditional release! Here comes the sun...



Label owner Lee Humphreys serves up an 'accidental' 4 track EP which goes from dubby Tech House to melodic pianos and back again. We use the term accidental because this started out as a 2 tracker but when the EP was released as a promo there was a great response but also a big call for both mixes to be supplied with no vocals. Therefore, we now have a vocal and instrumental version of both tracks!

The 'Up For the Summer Club Mix' builds steadily, the listener being carried along by captivating chords and inobtrusive effects and atmospheric sounds. Just when you feel the track has run it's course, it takes you in another direction - a bridge that's destined to get the party flying!

DubbCutz (Lee's bass infected grittier half!) turns out a deep and Techy mix, the 'Warehouse Remix' which as the name suggests is dirty, rough around the edges and will fit perfectly into the most hypnotic of Warehouse sets. Deep basslines and deeper rhythms have ensured that this EP has received numerous 10 out of 10's from the people who have reviewed it. It's also been busted in many a club around the World and we hope that you will love this one as much as we do!



Our second release sees London based 'Iteration X' on a mission to delve into the far off reaches of your mind with this experimental Tech House and Progressive crossover, aptly entitled 'Microdot'.

The Original mix begins with disjointed harmonies and proceeds into a wave of dreamy synths, soft pads and trippy effects, held together by a simple and unobtrusive drum set. DJ reactions to this track have been excellent, hailing it as the perfect set starter and afternoon party groove.

Track two is dubbed the 'Mini-Me' Mix and is the choice for those who like their beats a little darker and deeper. A Tech House rework of the original brought to you by Rob Pearson, one of London's most talented producers and somebody conditional is working closely with. This is much more of a middle of the night track when you just get your head down and party.

Together, these two mixes compliment each other perfectly and are sure to mean another conditional release goes down a storm.




The London based collective kick off conditional's journey into house and beyond with this stylish 3 track EP, linking up with two of the faces of Tech House, Rob Pearson and Nils Hess who provide a remix each to compliment the original.

The trip starts with dreamy synths and pads, the original mix dishing up one of those moments when you're driving along with the window down, sunshine all around and music pumping. The effort that's gone into this track is the listener's reward, each effect changing the direction that the melody takes. This one is sure to be a party starter and a conditional classic.

We are then treated to Rob's clinical Tech House remix, a collection of tough beats and solid basslines combined with the sultry warmth of the female voice. As ever, Mr. Pearson does it again with another top class effort - expect to hear this being dropped throughout clubland and expect to dance!

Last but by no means least, a full on driver from Nils Hess. This track just keeps building and building! The breakdown is superb and whisks you into a frenzy for the drop, which is just about when the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention! A definite floorfiller

Overall, a journey and half which will pull you in, chew you up and spit you out the other side, leaving you wanting to ride again....and again....and...

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