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Frequently Asked Questions

what is a digital download?

A digital download (also known as a digital single, a digital track or a paid digital download) is an official legally released music single released by artists to the public.

What is the difference between WAV's, 192kpbs MP3's & 320kbps MP3's?

Apart from the obvious difference in the type of format (WAV or MP3) the main difference is the quality of the finished product. The 192 MP3's are better than CD quality and are more than good enough to listen to or use in a set but 320 MP3's contain much more of the high and low frequencies that may be lost on a big sound system. Finally, if you want to original files, with the original quality, with no compression applied to them, go for the WAV.

Can I download conditional tracks directly from this website?

No. Our music is available from many online mp3 stores and we are looking to increase our online sales profile via other established download sites.

Are conditional releases available in vinyl/CD format?

No, not at present. We are solely a digital label, but we do provide artwork for all of our releases on this website which can be downloaded free of charge and printed off, which allows you to make professional looking CD's and jewel cases.

I've downloaded a track or full release from an online store but it is corrupt/not playable - what can I do now?

Please go to the site that you downloaded the release or track from and report any problems through their support system. They will be able to fully assist you in getting a working version of your download.

Am I able to copy/share my downloaded music with other people?

No! File sharing is illegal and will ensure that labels such as conditional are unable to provide you with the best quality music around. The price of downloads is very small so please encourage your friends to download their own legally purchased copies

Can I send my tracks to conditional for possible release?

Definitely! Please send any demo CD's to the address on the 'contact' page. You can also email us links to mp3's that you have uploaded to your own webspace/FTP space for us to check out. Please do not email mp3's to us for consideration (we wouldnt want to upset our email service provider!).

Note: To give yourself the best chance of getting your material released, please try to send good clear recordings (if possible, minimum of 128kbps) so that we can give your work the best possible listen. Also, please make sure that they are finished tracks and not concepts or ideas - if you do have an idea and want to get your tracks professionally engineered then we can put you in touch with our partners at Online Studios who can turn your concepts into top class tracks.

Does conditional have a promo list for DJ's?

Currently we don't have an open list, sorry! However, we do work with ReleasePromo who are a DJ promotions pool and all of our tracks are available for download and review through their site, subject to you signing up with them as a DJ. Visit www.releasepromo.com for more information.

If you have any other questions for us that are not answered here, please contact us by emailing enquiries@conditional-records.com and we'll answer you as soon as we can. If necessary, we will add the question to this list for everybody's benefit.

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