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Artists and remixers

Below is a selection of profiles from the people who have worked with conditional.


Lee Humphreys

Label manager who has a release history going back to the start of the 90's, Lee has been involved in the Tech House and House scenes as a clubber, DJ and producer. Starting out as a young House DJ at the end of the 80's, his love and dedication to dance music has taken him across the globe, performing for some of the World biggest crowds including regularly at Berlin's Love Parade.

He has produced records under many guises including DSL and Lovable Rogues alongside Rob Pearson for Evasive, and has always strived to turn out the finest quality in every genre of music he has created.

His current sound is being supported Worldwide and is receiving great reviews from industry and public alike.


Rob Pearson

Rob is one of underground House's rising stars with numerous solo tracks, collaborations and remixes under his belt. He's best known for his own label, Evasive Records and his trademark production sound can be heard on many a peak time Tech House track which are consistently being played by the DJ heavyweights within the House scene.

As well as his own imprints Rob has released tracks on many other labels including Wrong Recordings, Reverberations, Swag, and Dorigen and also records under the aliases of The Inhabitants, Rob & Si, Lovable Rogues, Distant Strangers and Buck Fuddy.


Discouraged Ones

Starting out as a promoter and club/radio DJ, Gur Ozsahinoglu has fast become one of the rising stars in the Underground House scene under the guise of Discouraged Ones, with a string of successes accredited to his name and his own label (Funkfield) which is growing at a rapid pace.

His classical background, developed at an early age, ensures that his sound has a rich and groove filled vibe to it and he enjoys support for his music from a plethera of the House DJ's, including Asad Rizvi, Nathan Coles and Neil Quigley, to name a few


The Inhabitants

Pioneering House duo Rob Pearson and Kate Smith who have been creating music together since 2003. They have released with Evasive & Wrong Recordings (The EP becoming the DJ Mag 'Sure Player'), with Jason Walker on Reverberations and of course on conditional!

This pair are working on numerous other projects on a constant basis, including an album of more downtempo grooves, multimedia projects (having written pieces forr BBC World and CNN) and much more


Nils Hess

Nils' professional career stretches back to 1988 where he started out as a DJ in the North Of England. Combine this with his production success, he is now one of the most recognised names within London's Tech House community and has played a big part in the success of the Eukatech store and EukaHouse label.

Apart from the floorfillers he creates in his own name, he is also noted for his collaborations with Nathan Coles under the guise of 'Get Fucked', as well as his other guises of 'Flunkies' and 'Reck', in which he is able to showcase his capabilities in the techno scene.


Iteration X

Si, the face behind Iteration X, has quickly established his name on the Underground House scene, dishing up a string of notable releases and remixes with labels such as Dorigen, Evasive and Drugsex, the label he founded with Tech House DJ and Producer Rob Pearson.

His unique production style is his trademark and can range from deep and pumping to experimental and diverse, meaning that every track he produces is a musical treat and one that you'll be revisiting time and time again.


Analog Order

Analog Order has a unique and distinct sound to their music - this London (UK) based collective spent most of 2006 busy in the studio and we at conditional were proud to be the label that brought their inaugral release, Intersection, to the dancefloor.

There is always several of the group (which includes both up and coming and established artists) collaborating on various projects at any one time which means that they will be a hard act to pigeonhole and the varied flavours that each member brings to the table comes through in their music.

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